Raduno VVF 2023

The Charter of Services of Interest

Roma 15/24 April 2023

This Charter is an online tool created to ensure the overall quality of the participation of all users to inform in the most transparent manner all events, times and locations of services dedicated to the exhibition.

The CSI has been developed to continuously monitor and improve services in a systemic and coordinated manner. This has been introduced to improve overall user experience to the highest possible standard.

The CSI will therefore not only be a sort of quality assurance of the event, allowing users to know in advance to facilitate access to these services; but will also be fundamental in placing participants at the centre of the experience. This will allow the organiser to convey the objectives of the event in addition to observing the effectiveness of the implementation.

In summary, the CSI is an invaluable tool in which the organisers can effectively communicate the principles, mechanisms and regulations of all aspects of the event in order for it to successfully materialise. We hope all guests find this tool helpful in navigating The Rome 2023 European Firefighters Experience.

Dedicated days - daily event programmes

04/15/2023, saturday

04/16/2023, sunday

04/17/2023, monday

04/18/2023, tuesday

04/19/2023, wednesday

04/20/2023, thursday

04/21/2023, friday

04/22/2023, saturday

04/23/2023, sunday

04/24/2023, monday

Consigli sulla Sicurezza

Circo Massimo

  • Address Via del Circo Massimo, 00186 Roma RM
  • Turismo Roma
  • Phone : 060608


  • Bus : – 75 – 160 – 628 – 3NAV – 81
  • Metrò : – opzione consigliata – Linea B
  • Taxi :Telephone numbers to book taxis click here

15th April 2023 – Saturday:

Evening 15,30 – 18,30 :Event at Circus Maximus with Rome Civilc Protection of Rome and Italy firefighters Department.

Citizenry’s schedule:

  • Security advises and Pompieropoli (Kids education programme)
  • Photo Exibithion
  • Historic firfighters engine
  • Security publishing
  • SafeHouse’s Module Pistoia


The Italian Fire Brigade Band was born in the late 1930s. Currently composed of over 60 performers from the various Provincial Commands of Italy, it performs in official and non-official ceremonies concerning the Italian National Fire Brigade. Among the performers it can boast not only graduates from the Conservatories and National Musical Institutes, but also the collaboration of valid musicians who have already asserted themselves on the occasion of demonstrations, parades, concerts. In fact, the characteristic that distinguishes it from the other formations is that all the members of the band are active ,they still do fire rescue service in their provincial offices


Currently the Band of the Italian National Fire Brigade is directed by Maestro Conductor Donato di Martile.

16th April 2023 – sunday:

Circus Maximus

Special event at the Circus Maximus 10.30-17.30: With Civil Protection of Rome and Italian Fire Department.

Programme for citizenry:

  • Security councils and Pompieropoli
  • Photo Exibition
  • Historical vehicles
  • Divulgation for security
  • SafeHouse’s Module Pistoia

11.30-12.30 – St. Peter’s Square

Angelus Papa Francesco

How to get to St. Peter's Square by Bus, Metro or Train:

Visit to “Rome City of Fire” Museum

How to get to Ostiense by Bus, Metro, Train:

Address: Via Marmorata 15, 00153 Roma (RM)

Phone : 065746808

Virtual Tour Museum